Hope and Safety Alliance

Our partners against domestic violence

Hope and Safety Alliance Partnership

Storage that makes a difference

The Hope and Safety Alliance has been bringing relief to victims of domestic abuse in the Lane County area for over 45 years. 

Hope and Safety Alliance is dedicated to serving those affected by domestic abuse regardless of age, religion, nationality, or orientation. They help everyone.

Eugene Safe Storage is a proud partner of Hope and Safety Alliance, and we encourage our tenants to get involved even in small ways. 

We offer a donation center in our on-site office for furniture, household good, and cash donations. 

100% of cash donations go to HSA and directly impact the lives of those in dire need. 

Help us make Eugene a safer space– for all!

What To Leave In Our Dedicated Donation Unit

For HSA, Kure It Cancer Research, and the Self Storage Foundation Scholarship Program

  • Furniture
  • Household goods
  • New toys and games
  • Clean clothing